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Private Placement Opportunity Cash Funds

At the moment we are working with top ranked banks in EUROPE, HONG KONG, SINGAPORE and DUBAI. First priority is always the security of client´s funds.

A sophisticated client may be invited to enter cash private placement program opportunities if he legally owns unencumbered funds of minimum 100 million Euros up to 5 billion Euros. Occasionally spot programs may accept clients with less capital of minimum 10 million Euros. The funds have to be in a bank account at a bank with good international rating. If client´s capital is in a bank where a trade program is available at that time he shall be RWA (ready, willing and able) to move his funds into a sub-account within the bank. In the majority of cases at client´s bank no trade program can be done so he shall be RWA (ready, willing and able) to transfer his funds in to a secure non-depletion account at the program bank. Clients may take part in a yearly program or if available in several Spot programs during a year to receive an excellent accumulated profit. To take part and to be accepted a special modus operandi and procedure is requested.

A client shall always have control on his funds as confirmed in the trade contract. In general the cash funds programs generate excellent returns which are at free disposal of the client and may be used to fund medium to large scale projects.

Private Placement Opportunity Bank Instruments

Very wealthy clients (UHNWI), large organizations and government agencies may prefer to use bank instruments (new issued BG, SBLC) or a bank draft to enter a program. The face value of the BG shall be minimum 500 million Euros and up to a 5 billion Euros.

The client with cash funds at his bank is the Applicant/Provider and the trade entity is the Beneficiary of the instrument. The issuing cost depends on the relationship between client and the issuing bank. In general the instrument will be returned to the issuing bank before maturity free of all liens and encumbrances.

These programs may be used to finance large to very large scale projects.

Simple “Buy/Sell” Bank Instruments

If a client is RWA to provide a new issued BG from his own bank, it means he is the BG Provider; the trade entity as Beneficiary of the instrument is RWA to receive the BG and accepts to pay a higher price. The issuing bank has to have a good international rating.

Minimum face value of the BG shall be 500 million Euros but it may be a contract of 5 billion Euros or more which depends on the financial capability of the client only.

A client may use this opportunity to cash in a reasonable profit within a very short period of time without being involved in a program. Several transactions may be done, one after each other or until a contract is exhausted.

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