Our emphasis has always been to provide our clients with high yield investments to help them reach their financial goals while simultaneously reducing their overall portfolio risk through increased diversification. Professionally managed accounts have historically been a way for sophisticated, high net worth investors to achieve an above average return on their investments, without the day-to-day maintenance. However, because of the dramatic changes in the world’s economy combined with the poor performance in both the stock and bond market, there has been an exponential increase in the demand for this type of investment. Once only available to the ‘rich and famous’, professionally managed inter-bank currency trading is now open to the ‘semi-affluent’ investor. Think of us as your silent partner, investing hard for you twenty-four hours a day so that you don’t have to.

Our investment philosophy emphasizes the importance of compounding long term capital growth associated with equity investing while maintaining flexibility to shift asset allocations away from equities when our outlook for that asset class is highly negative. Depending upon the clients’ individual needs, we actively manage the allocation of assets between stocks, bonds, and cash based on our risk and return expectations for each asset class. Our Investment Policy Committee uses several proprietary models in conjunction with years of industry experience to determine the optimal allocation.

The needs of High Net Worth individuals are far more complex than those of the typical retail investor. Given the fact that no two High Net Worth individuals have identical needs, a custom designed portfolio is a must. Each client of The Private Client Group receives a portfolio designed to meet that client’s unique needs. Perhaps you are looking simply to grow your assets or you have concentrated positions or low cost basis securities. Your needs will likely change over time. Your portfolio should reflect the changes in your life. A key to building wealth is making your money work harder for you than you do for it. Investment performance is an important concern of all investors.

Our clients have several things in common. They tend to be well informed investors who want to spend the time necessary to learn exactly how their money is being managed. This increases their confidence in their investments, and better allows them to direct their attention towards their particular specialties.